The REDEEM Her Time™ Community
The REDEEM Her Time™ Community
Lissa Figgins

Welcome to The REDEEM Her Time™ Community

Be More Present with Faith-led Life Planning + Time Management for Busy Christian Women

Who we are

In a world of distractions, busy & more…TIME is precious.

The vision of REDEEM Her Time ™ is to encourage & equip busy faith-led women to Be More Present with a simple Time Management Plan so she can invest in who and what matters most.

Our mission is to create resources, coaching, and connection that will guide her to be intentional so she can live out her God-given purpose every day.

Why You Should Join Us

Count yourself among a unique group of women living in today’s world of distraction, busy & more who are saying enough is enough…we’re breaking free from distractions (and the need to do all-the-things) and simplifying our life around what matters most so we can DO LESS + LIVE MORE 

Yeah for YOU

YAHOO-you’re about to take the next step to REDEEM Your Time…and live life with more Purpose & Presence...for eternity. So thankful we’re Sisters on this journey together. Let’s spread the message that you were made...For Such A Time As This.


When you're feeling pulled in too many directions, Simplify your Focus on what matters most in just 5 min with these 5 simple steps.  Access your free guide at